Longcross Surrey – manic!

Just returned from our 4 day stint at Longcross, Surrey – what a great venue and for the 3 days out of 4 had fantastic weather too!
The Radical SR3 was almost none stop for the 4 days, it’s a popular supercar that one even if it is just for ‘hot’ passenger rides. If you come to one of our events then make sure you hitch a go it really is something else.
The hot weather though can prove tough on 6th Gear Experience supercars – we had a couple of Ferrari 360′s boil over which was unfortunate although our marvellous tech guys got them rolling again within half an hour.
This weekend we are at Elvington at York (1st & 2nd June) – looks like the weather might be ok up there too this week, fingers crossed.
If you’re from the North and fancy a drive in a Supercar you can always just drop in – we usually have spaces in many of the supercars and as long as you bring your driving license then you can ‘pay on the day’ too.
Hopefully see you there! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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We’re well off the starting blocks!

With the season really cracking on now we’re busy at all of the 4 locations. The weather has been changeable again which never helps on the day but hey ho this is England after all!

So what’s happening with our supercars? The lovely Ferrari 458 Italia is always stacked full of customers – it’s not surprising why though. With it’s 7 semi-auto gears it’s an awesome drive so for anyone reading who wants to give someone special a knockout Ferrari driving experience this really is the one to go for.
The Lamborghini’s are busy as always too. Personally I love the smaller Gallardo LP560 – plenty of power, lots of noise and mega quick. It’s the 458′s main competitor on the road and it shows. Perhaps as not as smooth as the Ferrari it’s like a piece of uncooked steak – raw and a bit tough!

We’re at Elvington this coming weekend, the weather is looking good too so fingers crossed! Hopefully see you there! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Not long now!!

These last couple of months have dragged for us at 6th Gear. Only a few weeks to go before our first event at Bruntingthorpe thank goodness.
Our tech bods in the workshops have been hard at work getting the supercar fleet ready for March. In fact we decided to repaint our Silver Lamborghini Gallardo green to add a bit of colour! It looks so much better now.
Lots more to talk about when we finally kick off. But in the meantime keep up with us on twitter @6gearexperience (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Happy New Year from all of us here at 6th Gear!

Roll on June. We’re all sick of this damp rotten weather but this is the UK after all I suppose..

Apologies to all our customers who were booked in to our January event. Unforseen track maintenence scuppered things but the good news is at least when you do come, it will be March and hopefully – just hopefully, we might see a bit of sunshine!

Supercar wise we’re still putting them through the workshops and paint spray facilities ready for the new season which is only two months away now.
Look forward to seeing you there! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Our first Winter event is less than a month away!

We thought we’d take a gamble in January and run an event day to prevent cobwebs forming on our Supercars.. Hopefully it will ideally be cold and clear but who can tell, this is the UK after all..
Surrey is the location so maybe there’s a slim chance it will be a tad warmer than good old Yorkshire. We’re taking booking now for this January 18th event and we have limited space still left so why not get rid of those winter blues and come and join us for a fun packed day!
So what else is going on here at 6th Gear Experience? Well, all our Supercars are being repainted where necessary to get rid of those stone chips, but above all, all are going through our workshops for major servicing in time for the new season beginning in March 2013.
Our lovely Ferrari 458 Italia has just returned from Ferrari having had attention to its bonnet seals and other small bits and bats, its a stoically reliable bus at the best of times, quite an achievement since it has more electronic gadgets in it then any supercar I’ve come across before. Our only convertible Lamborghini – the baby blue Gallardo Spyder is being screwed back together after having it’s gorgeous V10 engine fully rebuilt as it was starting to wear. The rest of our supercars are only requiring pretty routine fettling but we’ve a few weeks yet so plenty of time.
In the meantime Happy New Year from all of us at 6th Gear and hope to see you at one of our 2013 events! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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We’re almost at the end of 2012!

First things first, we’re tweeting constantly now here at 6th Gear so if you’re interested in catching up with what is going on daily & a bit of a behind the scenes look then download the twitter app if you need to and follow us at @6gearexperience

So what’s the latest news? Well we’re planning some serious engine work to some of our fleet over the winter. We’ve two Lamborghini Gallardo’s that need a top end rebuild plus a couple of gearbox’s need stripping and rebuilding in the Ferrari 360′s. Plus we’ll take the time to get our time honoured paint guys to respray a few front ends, badly needed in a couple of our Astons.
It’s our last few events this weekend at Longcross, Surrey the weather is looking good and it’s going to be busy busy busy!
As mentioned before check us out on Twitter and follow us..Happy Christmas by the way!!
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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She’s Back!

So the Orange Murcielago is back frightening old ladies after a 10 month £24,000 rebuild.
I’d forgotton what a monster this supercar is. 6th Gear Experience’s Murcielago is one hell of a drive. In fact it drives exactly as it did way back in 2004 when it left Lamborghini Manchester’s showroom with just 64 miles on the clock.
256900 miles later and she’s rocking and rolling. Couple of issues such as the heater’s packed up but that’s about it.
6th Gear Experience are at Blyton Park this weekend, weather is supposed to be good so call over if you can.. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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The Orange Monster is about to return!

It’s been a long haul but the Orange Murcielago is about to hit the track again after a nine month rebuild.
Back in 2011 we were having problems with the big V12 in that the oil and water were mixing causing all sorts of issues. It was either commission a complete rebuild or seriously consider selling it as it was.
Luckily a deal was struck with Lamborghini Manchester who agreed to take it on between other work as long as there was no timescale. The more work that was done the more problems became apparent. After a new clutch, reconditioned gearbox, completely rebuilt engine as well as new suspension, cooling system and the like the old girl is now residing in the 6th Gear Experience paintshop where she is recieving a new coat of Arancio Orange paintwork. newly taxed and MOT’d the big Lambo will be run in over the next few weeks before returning to front line duty. Quite an episode eh?
Anyway the season is drawing to a close and the events are looking very busy for the remainder of the season. Lets hope the weather holds, cold as well as rain arent a great combination! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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We’re sick of the rain!

I don’t think anyone can remember a year as bad as this for the sheer amount of water that’s fallen this year! Bruntingthorpe on Saturday 4th August a case in point..brilliant up until 2pm ish and then the heavens opened causing misery for everyone outside staff and customers alike. But fingers crossed we will get a summer but lets face it there really isnt long left!
So whats going on with the 6th Gear Experience supercar fleet currently?
The beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia has been behaving itself in the last three months. Its had its issues but – touch wood – it seems to have settled down and is as popular as ever. Not so the Ferrari 430 Spider. Yep its been superb reliability wise for the last two years then blotted its copy book when the top end of the V8 went bang a couple of months ago. Its on the mend mind, and it should be about another month before its on the tarmac once more. The famous Orange Lamborghini Murcielago is still also down but not out. Its home for the last six months has been Lamborghini Manchester where its well on with having its engine rebuilt and gearbox fettled. Might be a couple of months before the old beast is back but hey ho it’ll be like a new car when it eventually lands.
The Porsche’s continue to give no trouble – rock solid and issue free they just keep on going without any complaint. We’ve added another Ariel Supercharged Atom to the fleet, its popularity never seems to wain. Great fun but challenging in the wet with no roof!
The Ferrari 599 GTB has departed at last. A great car all round but not one that customers really wanted to drive. In fact it had a real identity crisis which was a shame since get behind its lovely leather wheel and its a beautifully well put together machine.
We’re in high season now and with more events this month in Surrey, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire its very busy. So when you have finished watching the Olympics give the staff a ring at 6th Gear Experience and give someone you care about a thrilling day! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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It’s busy!

With the busy season upon us now the phones in the office are going mad so please persevere if you can’t get through we will get to you..
The 458 is going well but seems to eat front pads. Original equipment Ferrari pads are over £5000 a set – yes I repeat £5000 a set. And that is just for the fronts. And I thought maintaining helicopters was expensive!
The 599 will be leaving us soon. It’s been an impressive beast but if I’m honest simply suffered from an identity problem in the last couple of years. That is to say not many of our customers actually know what it is! Being Black and White and not Red may not have helped but hey ho.
Regular readers of the blog will know that one of my favourite personal supercars on the fleet is the Lamborghini LP560 – 4. It’s not quite as quick as the 458, doesn’t stop quite as well either. But boy is it fun! It flicks two fingers up wherever it goes whereas the Ferrari is slightly more politically correct..
So which Supercar do the Instructors all hanker to drive I hear you ask? You may be surprised. It’s also the one that never breaks down..Porsche? Yep the 997 Turbo is rapid, comfortable and handles like its on rails.. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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