What an astonishing Christmas campaign!

We hate to blow our own trumpet here at 6th Gear Experience but we’re delighted to say our direct sales are currently almost three times up on what they were in the same period last year!
It’s a great sign to see a huge amount of our customers returning to us again for 2014 – purchasing our Gift Vouchers direct from our website or over the phone.
Sure, we’ve been banging on all year about the fact we really believe if Carlsberg made Supercar Driving Experience companies then we’d be up there in terms of value for money and sheer quality. But it’s fantastic to see it all reflected in stunning sales. Just goes to show that yes Group-on might look cheaper but you really get what you pay for.

Meanwhile our supercars are currently being serviced and painted for the coming season. The huge Lamborghini LP640 is having its gearbox reconditioned and re-assembled, one of the Gallardo’s is having a new clutch and almost every supercar in the fleet at least a touch of paint to keep them all looking on top form. It’s an expensive business keeping a 25 strong fleet in tip top condition when clutches cost about £5000 for a V12 Lamborghini.

Of course the big news for 2014 is the new addition to the fleet the McLaren MP4. I’ve never been convinced it was well known enough to justify one in the line up. However times have changed and it seems more and more potential customers have been asking if we have one. So in March 2014 it’ll be making it’s first appearance no doubt proving a strong rival to the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia.

We’ve some great prices in our Christmas sale by the way so if you haven’t bought something for someone special take a look at the website. With a supercar drive starting at £55 there really is something for everyone.

Finally have a Merry Christmas from all of us here at 6th Gear Experience and a very happy new year!
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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