Crazy time of the year!

With the season in full flow it’s a time full of deadlines as our talented lads in the workshop turn the Supercars around in double quick time ready for the next event. Every time we have an event day an established procedure kicks into action : On the Monday after the weekend the supercars are unloaded off our 6th Gear race trucks and hit the workshops where the brake pads & tyres are checked or replaced. Following this any faults noted by the instructors are attended to, then each supercar is given a full valet. It’s a tight old schedule this time of year but we take a pride in both the appearance and performance of each of our supercars.

Our website has had a few tweaks recently – it’s much easier now to navigate around and actually buying a Supercar Driving Experience from us is much simpler. Our internet sales are very strong at the moment which is great news. Without wanting to bang on about quality we are determined to be the best in the industry especially in customer service and value for money.

What is irritating is the plethora of new upstart operators in our industry who have sprung up offering ‘Supercar Driving experiences’ from venues such as large car parks for very cheap prices. every industry has it’s cowboys and ours is no different. With slick websites and prices from £20 an unknowing customer will turn up at one of these car park style venues drive a battered old Ferrari and naturally feel very aggrieved. We’d like to see these ‘operators’ stamped on as they damage the whole industry.

On a more positive note we’ve still had a strong response to both our great Tripadvisor reviews and the BBC’s coverage of 6th Gear on BBC1 recently. It’s all helped see our sales rocketing so consequently our next few event days are very busy.
Look forward to seeing you soon on one of them! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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