It’s busy!

With the busy season upon us now the phones in the office are going mad so please persevere if you can’t get through we will get to you..
The 458 is going well but seems to eat front pads. Original equipment Ferrari pads are over £5000 a set – yes I repeat £5000 a set. And that is just for the fronts. And I thought maintaining helicopters was expensive!
The 599 will be leaving us soon. It’s been an impressive beast but if I’m honest simply suffered from an identity problem in the last couple of years. That is to say not many of our customers actually know what it is! Being Black and White and not Red may not have helped but hey ho.
Regular readers of the blog will know that one of my favourite personal supercars on the fleet is the Lamborghini LP560 – 4. It’s not quite as quick as the 458, doesn’t stop quite as well either. But boy is it fun! It flicks two fingers up wherever it goes whereas the Ferrari is slightly more politically correct..
So which Supercar do the Instructors all hanker to drive I hear you ask? You may be surprised. It’s also the one that never breaks down..Porsche? Yep the 997 Turbo is rapid, comfortable and handles like its on rails.. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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