Blyton Park feedback & a new addition to the fleet..

Well we had awful weather.. but the first weekend at Blyton Park was a resounding success. What a super circuit – ultra smooth tarmac and really challenging. Customers enjoyed it thats for sure! It’s well worth making the trip over since we’ll be running there for at least 10 event days in 2012.

So the new addition to 6th Gear’s fleet is slightly different. It hasnt wheels but rotors and hasnt a petrol engine but a jet turbine. Yep it’s a Bell 206 Jet Ranger the very same chopper thats appeared in many of the Bond films over the years like ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and the like. From later this month the Jet Ranger flown by an experienced commercial helicopter pilot will be offering pleasure flights on the day known as (unsurprisingly) ‘Pay and Fly’.
So if you are coming along to oine of our events from 23rd October at Elvington onwards – subject to weather – you will be able to take a short trip in the Jet Ranger for £45. We’ll also be offering a 15 minute flight taking in the city of York and the Minster. Really great fun and great value. The chopper kind of suits 6th Gear’s image with Supercars, Trucks and Helicopters providing customers with a great range of fun activities!
The 458 is going fantastically well. It’s minor issues seem to be sorted and it’s a joy to drive. Also available to pay on the day its well worth having a lap in this magnificent beast.
Our Christmas offers have now been launched so please check them out! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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