Latest News – Aventador, 458 Italia progress and apology!

It’s been a while since the 6th Gear Experience blog has been updated mainly due to the blog being incorparated into the new website which we launched recently.
So what’s new? The 458 has been a huge success with this gorgeous supercar being full on almost every event day. It goes fantastically well but we have had a couple of issues with the fuel sender unit which shows the tank is full whereas in reality there’s not a drop in the tank. But leaving that aside the gearchange is incredible in it’s lightening response and the noise from that V8 simply captivating.

The new Lamborghini Aventador is due to land in December – ours is burnt Orange, the first ones are due in the country this Autumn and the first reports have been this Supercar is in a different league to anything else. We can’t wait!

The new Nissan GTR continues to rocket aroung any of 6th Gear’s five circuits at an awesome pace. In a straightline only the 458 and Lamborghini LP640 leave it but we are talking just a couple of car lengths up to 120mph. After that the difference is more marked, but point to point the GTR is astonishing.

With the season drawing to a close in November the remaining event days are filling fast. Blyton Park & Bruntingthorpe circuits are the new kids on the block and fantastic venues they are too.
We’ll be updating this blog much more frequently from now on, keep taking a look for the latest news.. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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