It’s almost here – the hottest new Ferrari in 20 years!

Before I chat about our new weapon from the boys at Maranello check out our new articulated catering truck – new for 2011!
We decided at the end of 2010 to take the catering ‘inhouse’ and converted one of the supercar doubledecked transporters to a mobile catering unit.
This now serves the most delicious food including baked potatoes with a variety of tasty filling, hot and cold sandwiches and ‘specials’ such as pork and apple sauce baps, awesome chilli con carne and even casseroles. On top of that our coffees include lovely Latte’s Cappucino’s and Espresso as well as special Tea’s and a selection of cold drinks. And all at reasonable prices too..

But back to this new Ferrari. Our 458 Italia is due to land this coming Friday 8th of April. I havent got as excited about supercars since the LP640 arrived in 2007..

Stop Press! Its here!  The most stunning looking Supercar I’ve seen in ages.. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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