We’re nearly there!

With just over a week to go before the first event at Prodrive near Kenilworth its a mad rush to get everything sorted.
Andy our Operations Director has worked his magic on another one of our five articulated trucks – the latest conversion enables the 40ft trailer (which still carries four supercars) to materialise into a catering truck with which we retail panini’s baked potatoes and a full range of other appetising food.
Supercar wise here’s an update. The new Ferrari 458 has suffered delivery delays again and now lands in May. The LP700 – the first new V12 from Lamborghini in a decade – is promised for August time and what a monster this supercar will be. As I’ve said before I’ve been lucky enough to see this beast in the flesh at the factory, the only drawback is the price. How does £275,000 grab you with a few options that is.
The exciting part is that this new Murcielago replacement will be collected by 6th Gear from the factory in Sant’Agata Italy around about this time. Travelling over to Italy will be the companies Murcielago LP640 and the Orange Murcielago so on the way back to England it should be some spectacle! Imagine three big Lamborghini’s roaring through the snow tunnels of the St Gottardo pass which passes over the Alps joining Switzerland and Italy. Real Italian Job stuff!
The Ferrari 599 has now been delivered back with its new pearl white look with a matt black stripe and black wheels! It looks fantastic.
Look forward to seeing you all on one of our event days this year (c) 6th Gear Experience

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