New V12 Lamborghini looking good..

We’ve been lucky enough to get an invite from Lamborghini UK to get a preview at the factory of the new Murcielago replacement due mid 2011. We’re really looking forward to this landing at 6th Gear if only because Lamborghini’s were the starting point of 6th Gear four years ago. The visit is on November 9th so I’ll report on what this leviathan is really like when I return next month!
We’re winding down here at 6th Gear Experience as the events are coming to a close. Having said that the office gets much busier as the Christmas rush starts in November with a vengeance.
Most of the months inbetween the events finishing in November and the beginning of the 2011 season in March will be taken up with preparing all the Supercars for another year of action. In addition we’re beavering away putting the logistics into place for our European expansion into Spain to for 2012. Italy and France are on target to follow in 2012.

So to recap for next year the two new Supercars joining 6th Gear’s fleet will be the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia and the aforementioned new Lamborghini V12. It’s a heavy investment for us at around half a million quid but we reckon a surefire worthwhile one..

Anyway I’ll be back on the blog after the new Lamborghini preview, and from what I’ve seen regarding this new iconic Lambo I doubt we’ll be disappointed! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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