Le Mans – a great weekend!

I was scratching my head the other week wondering which Supercar to take to Le Mans last Thursday. A fortunate position to be in you might say and you would be right. Ferrari 599, Lamborghini LP640 or the Aston DBS were on the menu but which one do you pick?
Bearing in mind 50,000 Brits invade France every June on this annual patriotic pilgramage there was only one choice in the stonking DBS. Covering 500 miles in just a few hours its a fantastic GT, comfy and powerful with superb brakes. My Co-Director Andy wasnt thinking along the same lines though and took one of our 420BHP DAF tractor units! At least he’s a bunk bed in there.

Camping isnt one of my favourite pastimes but at Le Mans its the norm. Fitting a tent, a passenger and 3 days worth of provisions in a Supercar isnt easy but the DBS is better than most with room behind the two front seats as well as the medium sized boot.
Sporting a huge Union Jack on the roof the DBS made it there and back over 4 days. Even though its got fantastic sports seats it didnt manage to shake the fatigue from its driver. 3 days of constant engine noise, music till 4am and fireworks means a trip to Le Mans deserves another break just to recover. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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