New Supercar lands – Radical SR3 Supersport…

We’ve often thought here at 6th Gear whether to include an exclusively track orientated beast to our line up of 20 odd Supercars. My Co-Director Andy has always been a fan of the Radical simply because its grip and sheer pace around a circuit is utterley incredible. It even just shaves a sliver off the Supercharged Atom’s lap times much to the consternation of our Atom Manager Pete ‘Colonel’ Comerford.
Supercar fans will need no reminding that only a year ago a Radical smashed the lap record at the Nurburgring that has held ever since.
The downside is because our Radical has a sequential race spec gearbox we can’t risk customers driving it at the moment. So passenger ‘hotlaps’ is the order of the day.
Not that that fact dampened our customers enthusiasm when the Radical made its first appearance at our Surrey circuit near Longcross recently. Throughout the day with Andy in the pilot’s seat and a multitude of our customers riding shotgun, the Rad simply never stopped..

Another imminent arrival may surprise some. This is the very latest and greatest Supercharged Range Rover Sport.
Pushing out 500 bhp using the new Jaguar Supercharged motor its as fast in a straightline as a Ferrari 360 Modena. In fact compared to the old Range Rover Supercharged Sport this new model will accelerate to 100mph and back to zero, by which time the old RR has yet to reach the 100mph! It certainly won’t be cornering as well as a Ferrari but then again the Ferrari won’t seat 5 in comfort and a hold boot load of luggage on top.
However at 6th Gear we will be offering Supercharged Range Rover Driving Experiences as well as utilising this leviathan for demonstration laps.
Only the best for our customers at 6th Gear… (c) 6th Gear Experience

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