The Blog is back!

As from this month (May 2017) I’ll be updating the blog every few days with everything to do with 6th Gear Experience including inside info, new supercars on the way and loads of other interesting stuff!
So what’s new? Well for starters we are busy planning new supercars to join the existing fleet..Top of the list is a new Aston Martin Vanquish to replace the classic ‘Bond’ DBS. I personally will be sorry to see this supercar go – its an icon these days and with a fantastic manual box will soon be leaving the line up. If you fancy a drive in a supercar that right now is worth more than when it was new given its fame (especially in ‘Casino Royale’) then give us a call.
The other new supercar earmarked for the 6th Gear fleet is the Lamborghini Huracan. This ‘baby’ Lambo has kept a low profile on the world stage the bigger V12 Aventador seeming to take all the glory. That said, we need as a company to keep up with the latest from the big Italian supercar manufacturer so the Huracan is on the cards and maybe sooner than you think..

More soon…

Simon George

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