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Murcielago – it’s pretending to be an LP670 SV for 2010!

The well known Orange Murcielago continues to get better with age a bit like a nice bottle of Merlot. In fact the gearbox is a joy to use – a fair bit less obstinate than its bigger brother the LP640. … Continue reading

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Ceramic Brakes…

In the last few years Supercar manufacturer’s have offered carbon ceramic brakes first as an option, then lately as standard equipment. They aren’t cheap – on a Lamborghini they can cost £10,000, but the truth is unless the Supercar is … Continue reading

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Road Driving in 6th Gear’s Supercars

We often get asked if 6th Gear’s Supercar’s get driven on the tarmac and the straight answer is that some do and some don’t. This year sadly the 360 Stradale will be sticking to the track and not venture out … Continue reading

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LP640 – still the Daddy

Driving up from Birmingham to Leeds in the LP640 recently it suddenly struck me still what a stunning Supercar this big Lambo really is. Cruising at around the legal limit this White monster parts traffic in front like the Red … Continue reading

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