The Blog is back!

As from this month (May 2017) I’ll be updating the blog every few days with everything to do with 6th Gear Experience including inside info, new supercars on the way and loads of other interesting stuff!
So what’s new? Well for starters we are busy planning new supercars to join the existing fleet..Top of the list is a new Aston Martin Vanquish to replace the classic ‘Bond’ DBS. I personally will be sorry to see this supercar go – its an icon these days and with a fantastic manual box will soon be leaving the line up. If you fancy a drive in a supercar that right now is worth more than when it was new given its fame (especially in ‘Casino Royale’) then give us a call.
The other new supercar earmarked for the 6th Gear fleet is the Lamborghini Huracan. This ‘baby’ Lambo has kept a low profile on the world stage the bigger V12 Aventador seeming to take all the glory. That said, we need as a company to keep up with the latest from the big Italian supercar manufacturer so the Huracan is on the cards and maybe sooner than you think..

More soon…

Simon George

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Recent Facebook Pictures

Our Facebook page is the new location to view all our latest social media reports, about our Supercar Driving Experiences offers and news.

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Keep up to date with all our news and offers on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Experience Driving some of the worlds best Supercars at some of the best tracks in the country. (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Christmas is here again!

Ok so I’m guilty of not updating this blog. No excuses apart from the fact that we are flat out here at 6th Gear with the best year sales wise we have ever had!
Castle Combe has been amazingly busy as has our other new venue at Rockingham Raceway.
With the events for 2014 now finished the emphasis has switched now to our Christmas campaign which involves placing some of our supercars at shopping outlets on display Nationwide.Bit different for them than getting hammered around a track all day. With some of our supercars in outlets in South and North Yorkshire as well as Wiltshire business is booming and well up on last year.
New cars for 2015? We’ll have to wait and see. The new Lamborghini Huracan is a possibility as is a new Aston Vantage V12.. Watch this space..
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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Castle Combe update..

6th Gear Experience had our first event at Castle Combe on the 18th june and what a great day it turned out to be.
Sunny weather blue sky’s and a great atmosphere all made it a terrific experience for all our customers! The track and facilities are both the superb.

We’re flying here at 6th Gear. Events are very busy right now and we’re on a roll!
Look forward to seeing you at one of our events! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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McLaren is getting popular!

Our McLaren MP4 is getting more and more popular right now. Customers love driving it then hopping in to the Ferrari 458 Italia which is its direct competitor of course.
What a fantastic 3 day event we had at our Surrey location last weekend! The sun was out for the full 3 days and it felt more like July than March. This week we are at our Bruntingthorpe location – its a fast old circuit Brunt and a favourite with regular customers..

Hope to see you at one of our events soon!
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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We’re there at last!

Seems ages since the events finished in 2013, but now they are about to begin we’re a much happier bunch here at 6th Gear Experience!
In fact we’ve had two smaller events already this year which were hugely popular and dedicated to truck & junior experiences only. Both were a tremendous success – the weather at York even played ball and we had a beautiful clear day. Same can’t be said though for Bruntingthorpe where a huge downpour and galeforce winds came a little too late in the day to ruin things!

Next week (22nd Feb) sees our first adult event day of the season at Longcross, Surrey. It’s almost sold out but we’ve a few spaces left in a couple of supercars if you’re half thinking about it. The recent flooding hasn’t affected our circuit near Chertsey so it’s defo on come rain or shine!
Our first event at Castle Combe in June is also filling up fast so if you want to get behind the wheel of a supercar at this truly iconic circuit where all the legendary F1 drivers have both practised and raced – then give us a call to avoid being disappointed.

Most of our supercars have now been through both our workshops and body shop. We like to keep our supercars pristine so almost all have had their front ends repainting (stone chips are a common problem on circuits) as well as full engine overhauls. The big Lamborghini LP640 for example has had its awesome V12 lifted out while it’s manual 6 speed ‘box has been sent away for a bit of TLC. The 458′s electrical issues look like they are now sorted and our flagship Ferrari is on belting form right now! The sheer pace of that supercar never fails to amaze me. One worthwhile investment we’ve recently made is in a portable Italian diagnostic machine costing almost £20,000. Able to instantly diagnose faults on every one of our Supercars it can also usually rectify issues instantly. Well worth it when you consider the level of usage our 30 strong fleet gets.

Look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Simon G

(c) 6th Gear Experience

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What an astonishing Christmas campaign!

We hate to blow our own trumpet here at 6th Gear Experience but we’re delighted to say our direct sales are currently almost three times up on what they were in the same period last year!
It’s a great sign to see a huge amount of our customers returning to us again for 2014 – purchasing our Gift Vouchers direct from our website or over the phone.
Sure, we’ve been banging on all year about the fact we really believe if Carlsberg made Supercar Driving Experience companies then we’d be up there in terms of value for money and sheer quality. But it’s fantastic to see it all reflected in stunning sales. Just goes to show that yes Group-on might look cheaper but you really get what you pay for.

Meanwhile our supercars are currently being serviced and painted for the coming season. The huge Lamborghini LP640 is having its gearbox reconditioned and re-assembled, one of the Gallardo’s is having a new clutch and almost every supercar in the fleet at least a touch of paint to keep them all looking on top form. It’s an expensive business keeping a 25 strong fleet in tip top condition when clutches cost about £5000 for a V12 Lamborghini.

Of course the big news for 2014 is the new addition to the fleet the McLaren MP4. I’ve never been convinced it was well known enough to justify one in the line up. However times have changed and it seems more and more potential customers have been asking if we have one. So in March 2014 it’ll be making it’s first appearance no doubt proving a strong rival to the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia.

We’ve some great prices in our Christmas sale by the way so if you haven’t bought something for someone special take a look at the website. With a supercar drive starting at £55 there really is something for everyone.

Finally have a Merry Christmas from all of us here at 6th Gear Experience and a very happy new year!
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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New Christmas offers announced & 2014 dates!

We’ve gone bonkers this year and to upstage the competition we’re running our biggest Christmas campaign ever! With prices from around £50 and no weekend supplements, you can buy a Christmas Gift Voucher direct from us and be reassured your special someone will have a fabulous time with us..
The best supercars, the best circuits and far and away the most impeccably organised events are all things that always figure in 6th Gear’s operation.
Anyway plug over, and our workshops seem to be filled with Lambo’s at the moment. One of the Gallardo LP560′s is getting a full repaint in canary yellow as it was suffering from mild stone chips – the other yellow Gallardo is having a new oil pressure switch as it was showing an oil warning light. Unfortunately this meant the V10 engine coming out but it’ll be back at Elvington York for our October 11th date there later this week.
Our next job over Winter is to begin phasing out our Ferrari 360′s. They are great supercars but the later Ferrari 430 is head and shoulders above it in the reliability stakes. So we’re on the lookout for a couple of nice manual red F430′s to supplement our fleet..
The weather this year has been much kinder to us than 2012. Hopefully 2014 will be more like 2013, and with sales getting stronger by the month fingers crossed next year will be a storming one! Hopefully see you at one of our events soon! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Crazy time of the year!

With the season in full flow it’s a time full of deadlines as our talented lads in the workshop turn the Supercars around in double quick time ready for the next event. Every time we have an event day an established procedure kicks into action : On the Monday after the weekend the supercars are unloaded off our 6th Gear race trucks and hit the workshops where the brake pads & tyres are checked or replaced. Following this any faults noted by the instructors are attended to, then each supercar is given a full valet. It’s a tight old schedule this time of year but we take a pride in both the appearance and performance of each of our supercars.

Our website has had a few tweaks recently – it’s much easier now to navigate around and actually buying a Supercar Driving Experience from us is much simpler. Our internet sales are very strong at the moment which is great news. Without wanting to bang on about quality we are determined to be the best in the industry especially in customer service and value for money.

What is irritating is the plethora of new upstart operators in our industry who have sprung up offering ‘Supercar Driving experiences’ from venues such as large car parks for very cheap prices. every industry has it’s cowboys and ours is no different. With slick websites and prices from £20 an unknowing customer will turn up at one of these car park style venues drive a battered old Ferrari and naturally feel very aggrieved. We’d like to see these ‘operators’ stamped on as they damage the whole industry.

On a more positive note we’ve still had a strong response to both our great Tripadvisor reviews and the BBC’s coverage of 6th Gear on BBC1 recently. It’s all helped see our sales rocketing so consequently our next few event days are very busy.
Look forward to seeing you soon on one of them! (c) 6th Gear Experience

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Great recent days at Elvington and Bruntingthorpe!

For once we’ve had fantastic weather at our recent event days. Elvington on 1st and 2nd June were especially memorable – clear blue skies, no wind, great atmosphere and to cap it all an awesome flyby by the Avro Vulcan bomber on the Saturday followed by a Spitfire on the Sunday.
We’ve had a great bit of PR recently too since 6th Gear Experience was featured on BBC Regional News in the North when one of their TV presenters came and drove our 458 Italia!
The rest of the season is looking busier. We are determined to be the benchmark in this industry for quality and customer service, so if you haven’t tried us yet then please give 6th Gear a go!
(c) 6th Gear Experience

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