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Porsche 997 Turbo

The Legendary Porsche 997 Turbo is seen by many as a genuine icon. Equipped with permanent four wheel drive the handling is simply astonishing, and what makes the Porsche different from other Supercars is its all round ability to do everything exceptionally well!
Tremendous driving experience for a very lucky recipient!

0-60mph in 3.4 Seconds
200 mph
480 bhp
More Information
Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer that specialised in high-performance sports cars, sedans and SUVs. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931, with its main offices in Stuttgart. Initially the company offered motor vehicle development work, but did not build any cars under its own name. One of the first jobs Ferdinand’s company had was from the German government to build a Volkswagen (meaning a car for people)…this resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle in 1938. The Porsche 64 (the first car developed under its own name) was released in 1939, using similar components to the Beetle.
The logo was inspired by the Coat of Arms of Stuttgart (where the business was based). The horse in the centre of the logo references Stuttgart’s origin, as the city was a built site of a stud farm.
To this day, Porsche pride themselves on their ‘Porsche Principal’ – which is basically to make the most out of everything. They have always strived to translate performance into speed and success. This can be found in each of their cars!
By getting someone a Porsche driving experience, it lets them understand this principal first hand.